2022–2024 Building Project:
First Class Care for the Communities We Serve

Grundy County Memorial Hospital is celebrating our 70th birthday in 2022 by launching a project that will enhance how the hospital meets the needs of the communities it serves for decades to come! The ambitious building project launched in June 2022 is the result of a three-year planning process. It will improve the facility infrastructure, enlarge space, improve patient privacy, and ensure patient safety needs are being met in three key areas:

Surgery: Steady growth in the number of surgeons and types of procedures performed at the hospital means that the current operating rooms, sterile processing area, and pre-and post-surgery patient rooms are not adequate to keep up with demand. Updates to the surgery department are to be completed by fall of 2023 and include:
  • Two larger operating rooms equipped to meet today's standard of care
  • Ten pre-and post-surgery rooms providing privacy and supporting safe care for surgery patients

Imaging: As the hospital's emergency and surgery volumes have grown dramatically, the need for diagnostics such as MRI, CT exams, and other imaging services means that the hospital has outgrown the use of a portable MRI. The MRI is currently accessible by walking outdoors and climbing the stairs to a trailer. The building addition includes space for the MRI and CT scanner to be located indoors together, where they can easily be reached from the Emergency Department and for outpatient visits.

Lab: The Laboratory Department has steadily added new analyzers that expand the types of lab diagnostics that are available locally, helping to speed your diagnosis and care. The building project will expand the lab's space to improve workflow, improve patient privacy with dedicated lab draw bays and allow for future equipment improvements.
These key health care services reside in portions of the hospital constructed in 1952 and 1971 and last improved almost twenty years ago. A series of prudent investments in the hospital's facility in 2004 – 2006, in 2009-2010, and 2016-17 have led to a modern and inviting space for the Emergency Department, Med Surg unit, and the Specialty Clinic, as well as registration, East J Café, and administrative support offices. The 24,000 square foot addition for Surgery and Imaging services- as well as the Lab expansion – provide brand new space for these busy departments and improve the overall patient experience at Grundy County Memorial Hospital.

The completion of the project means Grundy County and surrounding communities will benefit from first class health care for years to come!

Watch Hospital Leaders discuss the project!