Speakers Bureau  - Speaking of Your Health

Do you or your club or organization wish to learn about the latest news in local health care?  From speaking to the Kiwanis Club to educating children about healthy foods at a YMCA after-school program, Grundy County Memorial Hospital associates place a priority on community health education. Educational events, support groups, and classes are available regularly.  Check our schedule of regular support groups and classes, or look through our list to find a topic that could be scheduled for your civic organization, classroom, or service club meeting, then contact Sheila Freese, 319-824-4161 to schedule your program.  Education topics available from our professional staff include:

General Health

Diabetes;  What you can do to prevent it - Crystal Petersen, RDN LD

Preventable. Treatable. Beatable. The Importance of Colorectal Cancer Screenings - Jessica Eilers, BSN, RN

One Pill Can Kill - Ariel Loring, PharmD  (medication safety for adults)

Is it time for a new knee?  - Jessica Eilers, BSN, RN

Maintaining Balance & Preventing Falls - Jeff Nolder, MPT

Injury Prevention for the Athlete - Jeff Nolder, MPT

Radiology & Imaging - Today's Diagnostic Tools - Craig Buskohl, Radiology Team Leader

Women's Health Issues - Joni Wright, MPT

The Ins and Outs of Skilled Care - Carol Freeman RN; Abby Moeller RN 

Nutrition and Well Being 

(programs by registered dietitian-nutritionists Crystal Petersen RDN, LD or Wendy  Brewer RDN, LD)

Mindless Eating: Why We Eat the Way We Do 

Tackle your Sugar Cravings!

Blue Zones: Lessons on Living Longer from the People Who've Lived the Longest  

Tossed Treasures - Save money on food, eat better, and save the planet!  This is a fun presentation that creates lots of opportunity for discussion. 

Programs for Children

Katy Kangaroo - Medication Safety for children   Ariel Loring, PharmD

Lessons from The Little Red Hen or The Very Hungry Caterpillar (for preschool audiences)

Cheese, Peas, and Chocolate Pudding - a tasting story and exercise

Farm Safety- presentation for children  - Jody Lutterman, RN

Middle School and High School Students

One Second:  Education for young drivers on distracted driving  (April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month) - Crystal Petersen, RDN LD

Health Care Careers Overview - Opportunities in nursing and other health career specialties - speakers vary

Healthy Snacking for Teens

Sports Nutrition 101


Healthy Choices Count!  Live 5-2-1-0 -   Help keep kids healthy by focusing on the importance of good habits.  It starts by encouraging them to eat and play the right way. (this message is appropriate for child care presentations, women's and parent's groups, and business quality-of-life presentations)

Feeding for Love and Good Sense - how to get your child to eat but not too much

Healthy Swaps for Cooking and Shopping 

Exercise & A Healthy Heart 

Stop Smoking Before it Starts 

Substance Abuse (for students) 

The topics listed are presented by a variety of health care professionals. If you do not see the topic you are interested in, please contact the hospital. We may be able to provide a speaker for your desired topic. Our staff is willing to travel to your meeting site. A meeting room and catering service are available at the hospital, also, if your group wishes to meet at GCMH. Hospital tours are available and can be tailored to your group's needs.

Contact:  Sheila Freese, administrative assistant
Phone:  319-824-4161