Physical Therapy for Golf Mechanics

Are you experiencing shoulder, back, knee, elbow or wrist pain while golfing? Or maybe you're a seasoned golfer and want to be sure your swing is proper and isn't going to cause future pain. Did you know that simple adaptations to your golf swing can help eliminate pain and prevent future injuries?

Grundy County Memorial Hospital Physical Therapist, Jeremy Fehrmann, is certified as a Titleist Performance Institute Medical Professional. He specializes in assessing golf swings and identifying and correcting improper patterns. He develops an individualized exercise and physical therapy plan to address limitations to ensure you can continue to play golf pain-free.

Improve your golf swing. Eliminate pain. Prevent injury.

Golf swing analysis:

  • Swing modifications
  • Addressing the golf ball
  • Identify improper swing mechanics and compensation patterns

Individualized treatment plan, including:

  • Retraining muscles
  • Dry needling
  • Hands-on therapy

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