Your Inpatient Stay

Comfort, Compassion, and Care

The new 18-bed inpatient area at Grundy County Memorial Hospital offers a comfortable, quiet, and healing environment, staffed by professional caregivers who provide personal and attentive care.

The inpatient area is designed to meet a variety of needs - including pediatric, adolescent, adult, and hospice care. There are also rooms specifically fitted for orthopedic patients.

Individual patient rooms are designed with your comfort in mind. Rooms include a private bathroom, and space for family to remain close.

The care of our inpatients at Grundy County Memorial Hospital is managed by a Hospitalist. A hospitalist is a medical provider who specializes in the care of patients who are hospitalized. Our hospitalist focuses on your recovery, while communicating and coordinating necessary care with your primary care doctor and other medical specialists who may be involved in your care.

Our Inpatient Department also provides care to patients who need 'skilled nursing care', which is care for patients who no longer need round-the-clock medical care, but can benefit from hospitalization to speed recovery from an illness or injury. Skilled Care can provide short-term care for those who need further medical care before returning home or to a long-term care setting. Dedicated Physical Therapy may be part of a Skilled Care stay, and is conveniently provided by GCMH's expert therapy staff.

Grundy County Memorial Hospital's Inpatient Department is also able to provide Hospice care to individuals who need that special care for chronic and end of life services.

Skilled Care

Grundy County Memorial Hospital's services include skilled care - which can take place after surgery or when extra recovery time is needed.  Ask your primary care doctor or specialist about whether you would benefit from time spent in Skilled Care at GCMH.

Special Services

When your hospital recovery includes a need for rehabilitation, physical and occupational therapy and cardiac rehabilitation are conveniently located within the hospital. Other convenient services include lab and radiology, which includes x ray, CT scan, ultrasound, and MRI.

The Inpatient Department also offers a variety of Outpatient infusion services such as intravenous hydration, blood transfusions, injections, antibiotic therapy, and more. The therapy plan must be prescribed by your primary care provider.

Dining Choice

Fresh, nutritious, and attractively served meals are a valuable part of recovery from illness or surgery. The Food and Nutrition Services department prides itself on serving meals that are both delicious and nutritious.

Patients select their own individual menu each day, from a variety of breakfast, lunch, and dinner items that are available. Dietary considerations mean that low-sodium, low-cal, liquid, and soft meals are always available to you, depending on your physician's recommendation.

Spacious Rooms

The spacious inpatient rooms provide access to phone, email, and Internet. A nearby Visitor's Lounge offers comfortable surroundings for family members, and the hospital's East J Café serves varied selections to visitors daily.