Cardiac Rehabilitation

Heart Health Support

When your physician says it’s time to begin a cardiac rehabilitation or healthy heart maintenance program, request a referral to the certified program at GCMH. Two programs are offered, and your physician can help determine what’s appropriate for you. After a heart attack, open heart surgery, angioplasty or stents, angina, or other cardiac problems, cardiac rehabilitation sessions help you return to a normal lifestyle and reduce the risk of further heart problems. Convenient access to the hospital, caring and knowledgeable cardiac nurses, and a comfortable rehabilitation environment make GCMH Cardiac Rehabilitation a clear choice for your heart health support.

Cardiac Rehabilitation

This outpatient program includes exercise training to strengthen the heart and teaches skills for living a heart healthy lifestyle. Cardiac rehabilitation may begin one to two weeks after an acute heart event, and continues for eight to twelve weeks. The program includes:

  • Education to promote lifestyle changes that help reduce the risk of future heart events
  • Evaluation of cardiac response during monitored exercise sessions to improve cardiovascular fitness and endurance 
  • Safe, individually designed exercise plans
  • Diet and lifestyle education
  • Stress management 

Healthy Living Program

  • Begins approximately eight to twelve weeks after an acute heart event or after graduating from the outpatient program. 
  • Is designed to provide continued support and supervision to cardiac patients in an effort to reduce risk factors associated with heart disease 
  • Focuses on continued assistance with patient directed short and long term goals. 
  • Self pay program ($6 per session) 
  • Designed for individuals at risk for heart disease, obesity, hypertension, PVD, and diabetes. 

Other cardiac rehabilitation services include Cardiac Stress Testing (at a physician’s direction).

The GCMH Cardiac Rehabilitation Program is certified by the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation.