Diabetes Education

Support for Managing Diabetes

The Diabetes Education program at Grundy County Memorial Hospital provides the expertise of a licensed and registered dietitian and nutritionist to provide optimal care and education to those who are managing diabetes. The program cost is covered by many health insurance companies and Medicare upon physician referral. Whether you're newly diagnosed with diabetes, or wish to have an annual follow-up session to review nutrition and disease management, this program can meet your needs.

Education takes place in an individual or small group setting. The GCMH program is accredited by the American Diabetes Association.

Click here for a list of classes and to find an upcoming diabetes education support group class. 

Topics Include:

  • adopting healthy eating habits, reading food labels, and consistent carbohydrate counting
  • the importance of physical activity In controlling blood sugar
  • various medications used to control diabetes
  • blood glucose monitoring/pattern control 
  • hypoglycemia prevention and treatment 
  • risk reduction measures/preventative care 
  • goal setting 
  • insulin start/adjustment 

Print a referral form to provide your doctor here:  Diabetes Consultation Referral