Reliable and Friendly Service

When your doctor orders lab work, you can depend on the laboratory service at Grundy County Memorial Hospital to take care of you. Our hospital-based medical laboratory analyzes blood and other specimens to help your doctor diagnose disease or monitor your health. In addition, routine wellness screens are offered Monday through Friday per physician's guidance.

Stop by Grundy County Memorial Hospital with your doctor's order for lab work, and you'll be seen by one of our experienced medical technologists. Appointments are not necessary, and wait times average less than 10 minutes. Most specimens are analyzed in the lab to provide quick results to your medical provider; specialized lab testing is sent to either UnityPoint Health - Allen Hospital or Mayo Medical Lab. The lab is accredited by the State of Iowa.

Enter hospital Entrance #1 (south side of hospital) and stop at the Registration desk when you arrive for lab testing.   Please bring a photo identification and your current health insurance card. 

Lab Services Include:

  • Coagulation Testing (Protime, INR) 
  • Transfusion Services (Lifeserve Blood Center) 
  • Arterial Blood Gases 
  • Routine Chemistry Testing
  • Routine Urinalysis 
  • Hemogram and Differentials 
  • Serology Testing 
  • Cardiac Markers 
  • Thyroid and Prostatic Testing 
  • DOT and Non-DOT Specimen Collection- Urine and Drug Screen: BY APPOINTMENT ONLY
    Mon-Fri; 7:00am-3:00pm. Phone 319-824-5081 to schedule. 
  • Breath Alcohol Screening - BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Phone 319-824-5081 to schedule. 
  • Obstetric Glucose Tolerance Testing

Panels Offered:

  • Basic Metabolic Panel 
  • Comprehensive Metabolic Panel 
  • Electrolyte Panel 
  • Hepatic Function Panel 
  • Lipid Panel 
  • Obstetric Panel 
  • Renal Function Panel 

Live Well Wellness Screening 

To make it more convenient for you to stay on top of your key numbers for optimum health, the GCMH Lab offers basic metabolic profiles without a physician order. What this means for you - Visit the GCMH lab for routine blood work, pay the Wellness Screening price, and results will be mailed to you within a week. While it's important to remember this testing does not replace regular routine medical care, the every day availability of lab testing makes it easy for you to follow your key lab results.  Wellness Screening is available Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  You will be asked for payment in cash, check, or credit card as the Wellness Screening will not be processed with your health insurance.  Prices  range from $10-$35 per test.  
Fasting blood tests offered include:

  • Comprehensive Profile (General Chemistry)- $35, includes basic cholesterol and lipids

Non-fasting blood tests offered include:

  • Hemogobin A1C- $15
  • Hemogram- $15
  • Prostate-specific antigen (PSA)- $20
  • Thyroid function testing (TSH)- $20
  • Free T4 (thyroid function) - $10       
  • Vitamin D- $25
  • Blood typing- $20
  • Vitamin B12- $20  (tests for certain types of anemia)  NEW
  • Folate - $20  (tests for certain types of anemia)   NEW 
  • Urine Micro Albumin $25    NEW 
           (for diabetes patients; checks for signs of kidney disease)  
    Note:  The above Walk-In Lab Wellness Test pricing is effective March 1, 2024