Medication Matters

Grundy County Memorial Hospital Introduces Medication Matters

Time is critical in an emergency, and Grundy County Memorial Hospital-UnityPoint Health invites you to complete the new Medication Matters card with your personal medical information.

Place your Medication Matters card on your refrigerator or in your wallet or purse where emergency responders can find it easily in the event you need emergency medical care. When minutes count, your accurate medical history and medication information matters.

Click here to download your Medication Matters card today!

How to use your Medication Matters card

The Medication Matters card can help you keep an up-to-date personal emergency health record, which is vital in the event of a medical emergency. 

* List everything you take, including prescription drugs and doses, over-the-counter products, dietary supplements, herbal remedies, eye drops, inhalers, and oxygen. It may be helpful to use pencil, so you can easily change dosage or other information as needed.

  • Describe why you take each product.
  • Place a reminder on your calendar to update your Medication Matters card regularly, at least once each year.  Take it to your doctor's visit and present it for updating and ask your pharmacy staff to review your card when a new prescription is added or one is no longer used. 
  • Carry the card with you in your wallet or purse, OR attach it to your refrigerator where family or first responders can find it in an emergency. Make sure you let family know where it is located.
It's also important for you to ask your doctor or pharmacist about your medicines and the best way you should take them, or whether there are any special concerns regarding drug interactions. 
You're encouraged to be part of your healthcare team, doing your best to keep your information accurate and up-to-date. Medication Matters when you are receiving routine medical care, but it is especially critical in the event of an emergency.